Call for testing: Flare - an open source 2D RPG


Works beautiful so far on Ubuntu 17.10, Gnome3 Wayland session, i7-2860QM on the intel drivers.


uh, i only get 10FPS full screen, doesn’t seem to be hardware accelerated
Ubuntu 16.04 + HWE, graphic Intel® HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake GT2)


Seems like a similar problem and hardware setup as described by @pharma above. Am I right in thinking you’d previously compiled this from source? Did you get hardware acceleration on your self-compiled version?


Works great for me (only played through first quest so far). Ubuntu 16.04 w/ 4.13 kernel and nVidia GTX 650 Ti (384.111 drivers).


right, i get 60 FPS with flare compiled from source


Thanks @pixel. There are new builds landing in the --edge channel which might fix this. I’d be grateful if you and @pharma would test and let me know if you can now enable hardware rendering.

@Syntist - I don’t think this is going to help your issue but you’re welcome to test :slight_smile: .


@mcphail just tested, good FPS, all video settings now works, played about 40 mins no errors or issues. (on edge channel)


That’s brilliant. Thanks!


I’ve updated the beta channel, so hopefully everyone will benefit from accelerated rendering now.


same here, now works fine! thanks <3

  - libgl1-mesa-glx in stage-packages?


Yep. I thought SDL would have pulled that in by default, but obviously not :slight_smile:


Hi there @mcphail, now i’m on GeForce 930MX/PCIe/SSE2 and nvidia-driver-390 + 4.15.12-041512-generic ubuntu 18.04

FPS is low and this issue when trying to tweak video settings

Any ideas why?


Judging by what @mborzecki has been writing, the Nvidia proprietary drivers aren’t really working in snaps on 18.04 yet. It looks as if he may have a solution.


Works fine with the fixes I’m pushing in Nvidia GL libs access broken on Ubuntu 18.04 Hopefully we’ll land it soon.


Working for me also, On Arch Linux :slight_smile:


I have no sound when using the beta snap on Ubuntu Mate 17.10. Hardware: i5-7300hq with 1050ti primus laptop with latest nvidia drivers.

The game is good, reminds me of the old D2 days :slight_smile:



Have you connected the process-control interface as mentioned in the original post? Audio won’t work without it. There’s a bug fix in progress so you shouldn’t have to do that in future, but it hasn’t landed yet.


Oops you are right, forgot about that when I installed.


Works well on Solus! I’ve been looking for a new RPG to get in to, so thanks.


Cheers! You might also be interested in Call for Testing: Tales of Maj'Eyal , although it is more of a Rogue-like than Diablo-like.