Call for testing: Darktable v2.2.4snap1

Hey everyone.

The Darktable snap (darktable-kyrofa) is terribly out-of-date. I’d like to bring it up to the latest release, but I could use your help verifying that things still work. If you’re a photographer, particularly if you have some experience using Darktable, mind putting it through its paces? v2.2.4snap1-rc1 is in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa

Thank you!


@kyrofa any plans to get continuous delivery?

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Yeah I’d like to upstream it, but it needs some more testing first. There’s at least one known issue I’d like to fix before trying. There’s also the fact that upstreaming would use the upstream name, which means I’d need to figure out how to transition what surprisingly appears to be a few thousand users without them all hating me.

we have some plans to support renames but it’s delicate and hasn’t quite made around the top of the priority list so far

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Thanks for the info, @pedronis! That will make this process easier.

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While from the stats it appears we did get some testers, no one has raised their hand with any issues, but no one has said it works either. I’m relying on my own testing, which says this release works fine, so I’ve released v2.2.4snap1 into the stable channel.