Call for testing: 2fa

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a snap for 2fa, a tool which provides two-factor authentication on the command line. It’s available on the Snap Store - you can install it by typing:

sudo snap install 2fa

I’d like to ask you to test this snap with accounts from different services (I’ve tested it with GitHub account). Instructions on how to use this utility can be found on GitHub. In a nutshell, to add a new account, run:

2fa -add <name>

Then, type the two-factor secret:

2fa key for <name>: nzxxiidbebvwk6jb

And whenever you are asked to provide a two-factor code, run 2fa or 2fa <name>.

If you encourage any problem (app crash, etc.), please describe it in this topic, providing as many details as possible. I’d be thankful for any reports! :slight_smile:

Please remember that I’m not a creator of this tool. All credits goes to rsc.

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Works well with Ubuntu SSO, thanks for the snap!

I tested it here, and it works nicely for me.

I’ve send a pull request to transfer it upstream.