Call for help: maintenance of the picard snap

Hi all! I’m the maintainer of the picard snap, but right now I don’t have any free time to maintain it.
The code for the snap is on this repo:

There’s a new release of picard (2.4.1), but since the latest snapcraft (4.x) updates the snap is not building anymore, as we (@Lin-Buo-Ren thanks for your help!) copied the old python plugin and made some modifications to it:

If somebody is willing to make PRs to the repo I can test & approve them, but I think that it would be better to transfer the snap to the snapcrafters group, refine it, and then try to upstream it.

Thanks for your help!

Bump to see if anyone can help with this.

I wonder if it’s more easy to make the upstream upgrade their setuptools component.