Call for help: maintenance of the picard snap

Hi all! I’m the maintainer of the picard snap, but right now I don’t have any free time to maintain it.
The code for the snap is on this repo:

There’s a new release of picard (2.4.1), but since the latest snapcraft (4.x) updates the snap is not building anymore, as we (@Lin-Buo-Ren thanks for your help!) copied the old python plugin and made some modifications to it:

If somebody is willing to make PRs to the repo I can test & approve them, but I think that it would be better to transfer the snap to the snapcrafters group, refine it, and then try to upstream it.

Thanks for your help!

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Bump to see if anyone can help with this.

I wonder if it’s more easy to make the upstream upgrade their setuptools component.

Well, in the end the main maintainer of picard will be taking care of this! thanks @phw !!


And actually I had success! It did cost my some time and a few struggles, but now it is updated.

The latest snapcraft config which has now been built is at . I changed the setup to make use of the now available kde-neon extension, integrated appstream metadata support and updated the dependencies for what is needed by current Picard.

We’ll have a new release soon, then I’ll also update the website to link to the snap.


As a Picard user I’m thrilled :slight_smile: