Binary file size : this field is required

This is what the form says when I try to upload a new snap.

What did I do

  • used snapcraft and generate a snap on my machine
  • created a new snap name on the dashboard registration page
  • I already had other snap names registered, this was a brand new one
  • below the registration form, the user has options to choose which registration to use for an upload
  • I selected the add snap option on the new name I just had registered
  • I selected the snap from my machine and the licence as MIT
  • hit upload

After the upload finished, the form threw this error

Now what is that field binary file size , A user would be wondering what to rectify.

It is not something that can be done on the form itself, because there is no such field.

If the store can throw something the user can do, it should. else, just say
something generic, like "this action could not be completed. try again "

This is a continuation of where we left off at This post
This may not be easily reproducible

Per @roadmr, Actually - We’ve filed this bug with steps to reproduce

The steps in the bug seem to be the case, I might have selected a non-snap while uploading, and the bug reported seems just fine.

Just that, the error thrown, should be actionable by the user