Reviews and other trivial user experience issues at the store

That is from the upload to the edge channel on the dashboard for the snap store.

And clicking review, doesn’t do anthing at all. just refreshes the page.

The message is not really helpful now is it?

This is now happening on literally every upload? This is now the 6th attempt or so,
Also, there is no way I can unregister a name?

I currently have to

  • upload a snap
  • wait till it is approved or rejected

then delete the snap registration

What is the url to the store that you used in the screenshot?

That isn’t the url I’m talking about. What you gave will take you to another URL. I need that one. It will look something like:

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oops yeah that would be

The last attempt I made, just got approved though. But I guess I will never know what happened to the failed ones

I had another snap name registered as well with three failed reviews, which I deleted was one of the failures. @roadmr, can you look behind the scenes to see what might’ve happned? Feel free to ping me in IRC.

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I am just using

  • snapcraft
  • the store

to buld my first snaps, and documenting the issues I encounter all over this forum :smiley:

Well, Also some things I notice from the end user perspective.

Case in point

  • May be all this would help fix issues that a user may encounter, even if the issues are trivial.

Another such Issue is this message on the store , on the uploads page

Now what is that field binary file size and why isn’t it on the form?

A user would be wondering what to rectify.

Yet another pain point:

Suppose I have uploaded a snap before , but for some reason, the error such as above occured

the current scene is,

  • I ditch the upload or
  • I possibly fix an error on the form, and re upload.

The issue then is,

The store says

A snap with this metadata was already uploaded

Now the user is in a fix.

He either has to

  • change something in the yaml (why would he do that) and re upload
  • Or search for an uploads page , to delete an upload (which can not be done ?)

We discussed this on IRC and there isn’t enough information to diagnose this server side. This has only happened 3 times in the last 7 days, all with this snap. Running this snap in the review tools locally seems to work ok.

I’ll continue to poke at this but what I’ll focus on is moving a couple things around to make sure all output ends up in the error report, which will get rid of the ‘unexpected output’ issue and give us the diagnostic output we need.

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Cool . Anything that outputs something user friendly, would be the WTG I guess?

I’m focusing on the review tools unexpected output part, since at least that would give people something to diagnose. As for the other usability issues, perhaps the store team can comment.

Hi! Thanks for reporting these usability issues. Mutating a thread to talk about different things (first it was about the “unexpected output” error and now you’ve renamed it and pivoted to the binary_filesize error) makes it hard for us to properly work with you on diagnosing and understanding these problems. May I suggest you do the opposite and start a new thread for the binary_filesize thing? Threads can always be joined if they’re deemed to be about the same thing.

For the binary_filesize error, I’d love to know exactly the steps you followed to arrive at this situation, that’ll enable us to fix things, that’d be a great first post in a possible new thread. Actually - We’ve filed this bug with steps to reproduce, if you could confirm this approximates what you did I’d really appreciate it.

For the “unexpected output” thing, we will work on having more detailed output in our logs so we can better diagnose the message. However, the error exposed to the user (you!) could perhaps use some rephrasing. When the automated review software encounters a problem, we have to err on the safe side and assume there’s something wrong with the snap and fail the review. Maybe rather than “Unexpected output” we should say “review tools was unable to process the snap” or something, though unfortunately we do have to keep it somewhat vague; don’t confuse “friendly” with “detailed”, the details of these “unexpected output” errors would not make much sense for users. Rest assured, we do show any output from the tools that would make sense to a developer and enable them to fix problems in their snaps.

Thanks again for helping us improve the snap experience.

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Oh I guess you added an edit with the bug. but I created a new topic! here