Automatic gadget asset updates



One of the requests we get from integrators is to allow to update assets in the gadget snap. The gadget snap is currently updated (like any other snap).

However the parts described in meta/gadget.yaml is only read on image provisioning (example:

I propose we add a new yaml key under “content” that allows to specify “auto-refresh: true” as an opt-in. If snapd finds content with this option it will copy those files from the gadget snap to the target filesystem if the files are different.

There is also the idea of adding more semantic descriptions for this.

This should solve bug

Developer sprint Sep 17th, 2018
Shipping configuation as a snap

well, depends with regard to that specific bug … on a pi install you might manually modify things like config.txt or cmdline.txt for specific system related bits (fixed HDMI resolution etc), blindly overwriting such files seems like a bad idea in that case.

  • we could allow a file blacklist “never-touch: […]”
  • add a checksum test, update only if the file is original (but then we should notify the user)
  • or we actually parse the file and carry changes over

in general it seems like a good plan for all bootloader binaries though.


We discussed this topic at length in the prior sprint and agreed on details of how the process should work: