Shipping configuation as a snap

Hi all,

With snaps we have a great solution for delivering software to devices, has anyone considered using snaps as a way to deliver configuration as well? When dealing with a significant number of devices, you probably want to avoid having to configure them directly, and that’s where a gadget snap comes in handy.

I don’t think you can update a device by means of updating a gadget snap, can you?

This could be as simple as introducing a config interface and allowing that snap run snap config (as opposed to snapctl config), or as complex as supporting upgrades of the gadget snap, including snap removal and installation.

Thoughts? Am I completely off the rails here?

if it is only configuration via snap config you can indeed already use a gadget snap today … note though that gardget snaps currently only update these metadata files (the configure and prepare-device hooks too i think) and no payload content …

neither of the below has being worked on yet i think…

for an example regarding device configuration see the “defaults” section in: