Autoconnection of camera for wickrpro


We currently need to have camera access to allow for video conferencing within the app. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to explain to our customers that they need to manually run a command to get the camera to work. Any way we can get an automatic connection of the camera?


@tleavy - does wickrpro correspond to this application: ?


+1 with reviewer hat :tophat: predicated on @jdstrand’s assumption being correct - anyone installing wickr knowingly is probably aware of, and happy with it having access to the camera (which is no different from installing a non-snap). Snaps allow a privacy-conscious user to then disconnect the interface, but I think it’s reasonable and expected for this to work out of the box.

A really privacy-conscious user will also have a piece of tape over the camera anyway :slight_smile:

  • Daniel


@jdstrand It does. The snap is officially supported by us and we are pushing all Linux users in this direction. We actually have 2 snaps. One for Wickr Me, and another for Wickr Pro. Wickr Me is anonymous and typically not used for video, whereas pro is. Unless someone complains we can leave Wickr Me as opt in for camera


Thanks for the additional information. The camera is a core proposition for this communication application. +1 to auto-connect camera.


2 votes for, 0 against for auto-connecting camera. Granting auto-connect. This is now live.


Thanks all, love the work you guys are doing. It’s helped us reach users and saves us a lot of time and energy