Autoconnect requests for rtlsdr snap

This is a request for interface autoconnect for the rtlsdr snap (ID in1oxhYDHDN4d4IPxWXmn1RofHd7IkIR) for the following interfaces:

  • raw-usb to be able to interact with RTL-SDR devices via libusb
  • network-observe to be able to create raw network sockets

The snap provides the rtl-sdr tools for RTL-based software defined radio dongles.

Would it be possible to get these interface autoconnected?



For reference, this is the source of the snap.

The use of raw-usb and raw sockets look to be core functions for the rtlsdr snap and network-observe is the least-privileged way of granting permission to use raw sockets within snapd. As such, +1 for auto-connect of both raw-usb and network-observe for rtlsdr.

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Can other @reviewers please vote on this request?

+1 from me for auto-connect, this is necessary functionality for the snap.

+1 from me too for auto-connect of raw-usb and network-observe, given that this snap requires usb access to the device for signal capture, and network access for core functionality.

+3 votes for, 0 votes against, granted auto-connect of raw-usb and network-observe for rtlsdr.