Autoconnect requests for ads-b snap

This is a request for interface autoconnect for the ads-b snap (ID UxR7wsW04DrqbtMKeoD2IwxBZ8omMaGI) for the following interfaces:

  • raw-usb to be able to interact with SDR devices via libusb
  • network-observe to be able to create raw network sockets

Similarly to

the dump1090 tool needs device access for software defined radio devices.

Source for the snap is here.

Would it be possible to get these interfaces autoconnected?



Given that the ads-b snap is used for demodulating signals received via a USB receiver and that use of raw sockets is required for full functionality, use of raw-usb and network-observe seem reasonable for this application. +1 from me for auto-connect of raw-usb and network-observe.

+1 from me too - these are primary functions for this snap and would not be unexpected from a user point-of-view for the snap to be auto-connected to raw-usb and network-observe.

@alexmurray @rayveldkamp thanks!

Is anything else needed on my side to get the autoconnect applied?

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use of and auto-connect for raw-usb and network-observe for ads-b. This is now live.

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