Autoconnect request for `itrue-jellyfin`


Can you please add an autoconnection for the following interfaces for my snap itrue-jellyfin?

  • mount-observe
  • removable-media

Jellyfin is a media sharing server which automatically scans for media files in given locations.

This autoconnection is not strictly necessary for the snap to work, but having media storage on removable media is common enough that it’s helpful for a lot of users. There is also a drop-down menu in the web interface which is pre-populated by reading the currently active mounts on the system.

Cheers, Isaac

As per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, removable-media is deemed appropriate for media management applications and so jellyfin fits within this category. However, it is also usually required that the publisher be the upstream as well - would you consider working with upstream to try and get an official version of jellyfin published to the store by the upstream (potentially with yourself as a collaborator etc)?

Thanks for the info Alex - I’ll get in touch with the Jellyfin team and see if they’re interested.