Auto connection request for wine-platform-5-(stable devel staging) snaps

Requesting global auto connections of.

  • wine-5-stable (wine-platform-5-stable snap)
  • wine-5-devel (wine-platform-5-devel snap)
  • wine-5-staging (wine-platform-5-staging snap)
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On first look, this doesn’t seem to meet the requirements set out in Auto-connection for gnome-3-24 content interface, but in actuality, it does as we discussed this here: Auto connections of wine-base-stable, wine-base-devel and wine-base-staging

These snaps don’t need the typical -1804 suffix and are named as they should be. These snaps also follow the previous convention used with wine-platform-3-stable, wine-platform-4-stable, wine-platform-4-staging and wine-platform-4-devel.

+1 for global auto-connect. @reviewers - can others please vote?

+1 from me for global auto-connect for wine-platform-5-(stable|staging|devel)

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting global auto-connect to wine-platform-5-stable, wine-platform-5-staging, wine-platform-5-devel. This is now live.

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