Auto-connection for armifi


I’m requesting auto-connect of the firewall-control and network-control interfaces for armifi.

  • firewall-control
    • is required to forward packets correctly for ipv4 connected devices to have an internet connections.
    • Used to further improve device security. For example, to change from default allow to default drop and to setup rate limiting.
    • You can find all iptables firewall rule changes here.
  • network-control
    • required for some of the services, such as hostapd, to function.

This snap is open source.

This snap is intended to be run on Ubuntu Core, which doesn’t have a GUI to connect interfaces.

The description of the snap is currently quite vague - could you please update it so that users would be more aware that this snap will automatically configure wireless networking and setup firewall rules etc? Then I think it would be more appropriate to have these interfaces auto-connected.

+1 from me for auto-connect of both firewall-control and network-control for armifi assuming the snap’s description is updated.

First off: thank you for taking the time to review this and for the +1!

I had tried adding this info to the readme, which was linked in the description, but I agree that the user might never make it that far before installing.

Adding it directly to the description would definitely help users who just look at the snap info armifi.

I’ve added disclaimers to the snapcraft description in the snap metadata per your request.

I’ve also updated the snap’s listing page with the same wording. Refreshing the listing page I had in an open tab did not reflect the changes. I had to open it in a private window to see the changes. This points to some sort of cache, probably a service worker.

Thanks for updating the snap listing page - I notice it now says

This snap may or may not comply with your area’s wireless regulations. Please configure the correct country code.

Can you perhaps include some details on how a user would configure the correct country code? Is this via a snap set armifi xxx=yyy or similar?

I’ve updated the description and listing to add an example of setting the country code.

In the past (over a year ago) snap set didn’t meet my application’s needs, so configuration is actually managed through a custom app.

Thanks that looks great.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect firewall-control and network-control for armifi since both are clearly required for the snap to properly operate.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live.

Thank you Alex and Maria!

I have verified that an install does try to autoconnect.

Unfortunately it is causing the connect hook to trigger early, fail, and revert the install. Thats okay, though! I should be able to fix it on my end, and there should be no need to revert the autoconnect.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The snap installation fix has been tested locally, published/tested in the beta channel, and promoted to the stable channel.

All good here :+1:

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