Auto-connecting the joystick interface for the firefox snap

Similar to an existing request to auto-connect the joystick interface for the chromium snap, this is a request to auto-connect the joystick interface for the firefox snap.

The thread for chromium has an interesting discussion on pros and cons of doing this. A browser is arguably not a video game, but it is increasingly being used as a platform for the consumption of various types of media, including games.

A bug was recently filed against firefox by a user who was surprised that their joystick wasn’t being recognized OOTB. With the transition of the firefox package from a deb to the snap in Ubuntu 22.04, we are surely going to get numerous duplicate reports.

One suggestion is to patch firefox to detect when the user tries to access a joystick device, and if the interface isn’t connected (snapctl is-connected joystick), suggest them to manually connect it. I’m concerned that this would result in a poor user experience though, if the interface cannot be connected from within the browser with the click of a button.

I was hoping that by now there would be something that snap developers could use to provide a better experience like “is the interface connected? No, ok, snapd can you prompt the user to connect?” Then snapd shows a dialog allowing the user to connect the interface.

Since that (or anything remotely like it) is not here yet, I’m going to vote differently than I did for chromium and vote +1 to auto connect.

+1 from me too - web games are pretty common so this seems reasonable.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of joystick for firefox This is now live.

Thanks Jamie and Alex!