Auto-connecting the audio-record interface for the chromium snap

Similar to the camera interface, this is a request to auto-connect the audio-record interface for the chromium snap .

It is a pretty common use-case to do video-conferencing or other webrtc-based applications within browsers these days, and without the audio-record interface the chromium snap will report that no microphone can be found, which will lead users to report bugs because they want this feature to work out of the box.

Besides, chromium prompts for permission to allow microphone capture on a per-domain basis, so that’s an additional level of security for actual access to the hardware.


+1 for auto-connecting audio-record for the same reasons I outlined in Auto-connecting the camera interface for the chromium snap

+1 from me too for auto-connect of audio-record for chromium since as stated this is expected and chromium provides extra prompts as needed so this is quite obvious to the user.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.