Auto-connect removable-media to inkscape

Hi all!

The inkscape snap is maintained by the upstream inkscape project.

It’s a well-known Vector Graphics Editor. Editing image files on removable media is common usage for this app.

Is it possible to grant auto-connection for this editor?

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+1 from me for auto-connect removable-media to inkscape since this request falls under the media editors exceptions.

@galgalesh are you interacting with the upstream maintainers? Do they agree with this request? Since they are the snap maintainers they need to be aware of this request/grant.

I’m upstream. Yes, that’s a good idea. We’re working on getting portals working, but it’ll probably be a little while. Would make sense to have removable media auto-connect until we get those all wired up.


+2 votes for, 0 votes against, @ted represents inkscape upstream so this meets the requirements for auto-connect of removable-media as defined at Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks plus inkscape is a media editor etc. Granting auto-connect of removable-media for inkscape, this is now live.