Auto-connect personal-files for netron

The Netron app allows users to open machine learning model files (or drag & drop them into the app) and visualizes these files. The app supports the removable-media interface. Auto-connect removable-media for netron for context.

Users are have been reporting permission errors when opening files from other specific locations:

Issue #1 files with ~/.xxx/file.model type locations fail to open

Request #1 Is it possible to auto-connect the personal-files interface which seems to be the suggested way to resolve this issue?

Issue #2 files assigned to different owners fail to open

Request #2 is there an interface to support loading of files from different owners and is it possible to auto-connect this interface as well?

Opening files from an arbitrary hidden (dot-prefixed) folder in the user’s home directory is not possible via personal-files - instead if there is a specific common location that is specific to the snap (such as ~/.cache/netron) then it would be possible to grant this via personal-files - but due to the presence of arbitrary sensitive things within the hidden folders inside $HOME (~/.gpg, ~/.ssh, etc) then it is not wise (or even possible in the current way the personal-files interfaces works) to grant a snap access to this kind of location.

For files owned by different users, there is the read: all attribute which can be used with the home interface - however I suspect that both of these use-cases would be quite infrequent - most users would be opening files owned by themselves inside non-hidden folders - and so the vast majority of use-cases should already be supported by the existing home and removable-media interfaces.

Is there a recommended way to handle these situations? Users can select such files in the file open dialog or using drag & drop which results in access denied errors and a bad user experience.

If the snap plugs the desktop interface and the user has the xdg-desktop-portal bits installed then they should be able to choose any file in the file picker and these should not be blocked by snapd to my knowledge. Unfortunately drag-and-drop does not support this as far as I know.

But again I wonder how common these use-cases are (ie to access something from a hidden directory etc). Can you give any info on how often users need to do this?

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Can you please provide the requested information? Thanks!

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Hi Alex,

It happens a a times a day for this app. There is no exact telemetry to narrow down the specific scenario, only generic errors like “EACCES: permission denied” or “EPERM: operation not permitted” and the context users provided for the ticket linked above. Snap is not a priority, e.g. deprecating Snap support given added complexity of multipass and arm64 is also under consideration.

Can you please provide more details on these EACCES / EPERM errors? What files are trying to be opened in these cases? Is it reproducible? Also you could try using snappy-debug to diagnose these -