Asking for a transfer of the QXmlEdit from frederickjh/qxmledit to snapcrafters

I have gotten this far through the checklist.

About 2 1/2 months ago I issued a call for testing. I have not gotten any responses. I have asked the maintainer of the QXmlEdit project to see if he can engage his user community to see if they can test the snap.

There is only one outstanding issue that the PDF documentation does not open when the button for it is clicked. There is an issue for this on the project with more information on a related link in the QXmlEdit issue queue. It appears that this can only be solved if the project adds a way that a an environment variable would be read to tell the QXmlEdit where it can find the documentation file.

I am now asking for the transfer of frederickjh/qxmledit to snapcrafters.


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Great job!

One thing though, you shouldn’t instruct users to install the snap either in --devmode or --jailmode if you’ve already converted the snap to strict confinement.

OK, @Lin-Buo-Ren, I will look into that and update accordingly.

I have tested the new installation instructions and updated them on the project. @Lin-Buo-Ren

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You may want to consider to make the snap build upon the master branch of the upstream repository instead of the release tarball, this enables development snapshot builds that are suitable for the continuous integration for the upstream.

The appropriate snap version can be set by using the version-script key or the combination of the adopt-info key , the override-pull scriptlet, and the snapcraftctl set-version command, refer Using external metadata for more info.

BTW, it seems that you’ve made contact with the upstream, have you asked the upstream if they are willing to take over the snap’s maintenance? If it is the case then there’s no reason to transfer the snap to the snapcrafters(though both can be done simultaneously).

Oh, and the snap transfer should be posted under the store topic category, I’ve moved it for you.

I can perform the transfer if snapcrafters (hi @Wimpress) can confirm they agree to receiving the snap.

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@Lin-Buo-Ren I am contacting the QXmlEdit maintainers to ask them if they want to take over maintenance.

I will also see if I can make the snap build upon the master branch of the upstream repository instead of the release tarball. I have not yet had time to look at the documentation you linked.

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@Lin-Buo-Ren I have taken a look at the documentation you linked about building the snap from the master branch of the upstream repository.

Do you have a snap project that you can point me to that does this so I can look at their ´snapcraft.yaml´?

@Lin-Buo-Ren I have run into an issue in that I cannot figure out how to set the version based on the qxmledit part’s git tag. Do you know how to do this?

@Lin-Buo-Ren I was able to switch to using the master branch of the upstream project. Newest version of the snap should be building soon.

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I use something similar to this:

    ... # rest of part stripped for brevity
    override-pull: |
      # clone the git repository
      snapcraftctl pull
      # checkout the latest tag
      git checkout "$(git describe --tags --abbrev=0 --match release/v*)"
      # use the current (what we just checked out above) tag as the snap version
      snapcraftctl set-version "$(git describe --tags | sed -e 's|release/v||')"

Thanks @lucyllewy I ended up doing it this way:

in snapcraft.yaml:

version: latest #required but ignored if their is a version-script line
version-script: ./snap/scripts/

./snap/scripts/ looks like this:


## Retrives the version using git ls-remote --tags from the remote project repository.
## Based on

git ls-remote --tags | cut -d/ -f3- | sort -t. -nk1,2 -k3 | awk '/^[^{]*$/{version=$1}END{print version}'

As my great uncle always use to say, “There is more than one way to skin a cat!” (referring to the monkey bars)

Am I correct to assume that the tags for your project all start with release/v?

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Apologies for the ignorance

Here are a few:

There are other ways as well as the one @lucyllewy point out.

It really depends on the convention of the project, some simply uses N.N.N.

@roadmr I believe that we are now ready for the transfer. @Lin-Buo-Ren has given me a lot of help in getting the snap ready and solving the outstanding issues, plus some updating to the lastest snap best practices.

I did contact the current maintainer of QXmlEdit and he declined to take over maintainership of the snap at this time.

So if @Wimpress needs to look at the snap first I think it is now ready.

Thanks to everyone for your time and help with my first snap. It will be a good to see it finally in the stable channel of the snap store.

The snap does have a number of users already. I was made aware of this with the new email updates.

One other thing I just released the latest version of QXmlEdit 0.9.12 in the beta channel of the snap store.

@roadmr Just got the monthly update saying how many users have installed the QXmlEdit via the snap, and it made me realize that the transfer to Snapcrafter never happend. See my previous comment for more details.

Is there anything more I need to do before the transfer can be made?


Hi! Sorry about this. No action is needed on your part, but I do need someone from @snapcrafters to confirm they’re willing to accept the transfer (@Wimpress @evan @popey @lucyllewy maybe you can help? when can we have a @snapcrafters group in the forum?)/

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@frederickjh Thanks for bootstrapping QXmlEdit and attempting to upstream it :+1:

Let me discuss this with the rest of the team. As you are actively maintaining qxmledit, I am not sure there is any real benefit transferring ownership to Snapcrafters.