Asking for a transfer of the QXmlEdit from frederickjh/qxmledit to snapcrafters

Hi @Wimpress!

I am not a maintainer of QXmlEdit. I snapped it to be able to run it from a snap instead of compiling.

I no longer have a regular use for it in my work. I have asked the maintainer if he would take over the snap and he is unwilling to do so. I would prefer to turn this snap over to snapcrafters to maintain.

Sorry if I got the wrong impression from the snapcrafter clone me to-do list. I was under the impression that once the snap was developed to a certain level that snapcrafters would take it over. I know that this work is all voluntary so if snapcrafter do not want to maintain it I will have to consider if I do have the time to do it and release it as stable or abandon it.

Pleasant regards,

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