API return developer_validation field with unproven value

Hi, The following api returns a field named “developer_validation”: curl -H ‘X-Ubuntu-Series: 18’ ‘https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/details/<my_snap_name>

When running it against my snap it returns the value “unproven”.

What this field means? I believe it related to the small green ‘v’ icon besides the Publisher name

If so, how can I be a verified developer? - I’m publishing the snap under a Public Company user and not this private user.


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How to become 'Verified' publisher? has some more info, i’m not sure if someone is working on documenting the process (or if it even changed), perhaps @Igor knows more ?

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I don’t have any more information on this at the moment, but I will bring this up in conversation with the wider snap ecosystem team. Hopefully, we will be able to provide answers to questions of this nature, provide a process, or both.