An interface for org.freedesktop.FileManager1?

This dbus service is used (at least) by Firefox and Telegram to show files in folders, but there seems to be no interface that allows this service? Without this service, apps fallback to opening directories via portal/xdg-open, but these APIs don’t provide the best experience since they don’t provide a way to specify which file should be selected in the file manager window.

The correct solution will be to fix the portals implementation to allow those features. Portals are secure, and do not require specific interfaces to grant permission to files, and can read any file you have access to without snap confinement getting in the way. The non-portals APIs will be impacted by the confinement rules that portals aim to work around.


Just for some context; adding an interface for this was discussed and denied here: Allowing xdg-open to open files

The alternative is to use xdg-open.

xdg-open doesn’t let to open file manager with a file being pre-selected what is common behavior to navigate the user to the downloaded file.