Allow maas-anvil to be published as it requires human review

Hi team,

The maas-anvil snap is a sunbeam alike project that MAAS team will use to deploy MAAS charms to a machine or cluster of machines. Actually, it is a snap that is importing all the common logic from sunbeam and overriding the places where it needs to be differentiated.

  • $HOME/.local/share/juju is needed to self-bootstrap juju
  • $HOME/.config/anvil is needed to save a manifest.yaml, exactly how sunbeam does.

NOTE: While the snap, its code base and its CI is developed it will remain under my ownership but afterwards we will request to move it under Canonical and be shared with all MAAS team members.

Thank you,

To help you for the review, this is the relevant request from @jamespage for juju personal files: Openstack: dot-local-share-juju personal-files usage. In addition, this is the relevant request from @jamespage for dot-config-openstack personal files: Openstack: personal-files usage - dot-config-openstack + etc-openstack

+1 from me for maas-anvil to use personal-files for write access to $HOME/.config/anvil and $HOME/.local/share/juju since both are required to deploy juju and sunbeam properly.

This request also looks reasonable to me considering the scope of the snap. +1 from me for granting maas-anvil access to $HOME/.config/anvil and $HOME/.local/share/juju via personal-files interface. The publisher is already vetted. This is now live.