Allow Global auto connect for kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20

I’d like to also request global auto connect be allowed for the content snap kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20

It is used for the kde-neon extension which is used by a few Snaps.

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@jriddell can you please specify which slots you are requesting this for? Thanks.

I guess this one

Interface                                          Plug                                              Slot
content[kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20-all]  kolourpaint:kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20  kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20:kde-frameworks-5-96-qt-5-15-5-core20-slot

Here’s a request for an older version

@alexmurray Any news here? We need this for

This is also the first content snap to support arm64, which makes this update particularly interesting.


+1 from me, this is essential functionality for (KDE) snaps using the kde framework content snaps.

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+1 from me too.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting global auto-connect - this is now live.