Access to NAS drive

I use a NAS drive for all my files, which is in use with Ubuntu 18.04, but find that any Snaps programs are unable to see that drive and therefore unabling me from saving any files.

If this is not possible, then Snaps would not seem fit for function

I am not a developer, merely a user, who wishes to work in the way I have been able to up to now

Please enlighten me on any way I can work as normal

If your NAS drive is mounted under the /media directory and the snap asserts the removable-media interface, it is possible to access it by connecting the snap to the removable-media interface manually.

How do I do this?
Does this also mean going through 2 hoops now, whenever I log in?

The interface connection only needed once per snap installation and won’t be lost during a refresh a.k.a. upgrade.

I still do not know how to create the connection, I am not a computer expert, merely a user, this is starting to sound like a touch of the black arts

My bad, check out this forum topic for instructions and more info: Interface management

Feel free to ask any questions if you encounter any problem.

I had checked this out previously and it all reads like gobbledegook, so any assistance would be much appreciated
For information, my NAS is a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra, should that assist in any way

Launch a terminal and run the following commands should do:

   snap list # locate your snap's name
   sudo snap connect _snap_name_:removable-media

It would be helpful if we know how you access your NAS drive normally step by step. I highly doubt that such location is mounted under the /media directory.

Sorry to sound dim, but is the info you have provided exactly what I type, or is there a Snap name somewhere that I need to input?

Replace the _snap_name_ with the actual snap name should do.

Also, probably related bug: GIMP 2.10.2: Open Location fails: volume doesn’t implement mount · Issue #135 · ubuntu/snapcraft-desktop-helpers

A workaround is to probably mount the NAS drive under the /media directory manually in order to allow the snap to access it. For example: mount - How to map a network drive? - Ask Ubuntu.

When you say ‘actual snap name’, where do I find that, as all the names showing up in snap list do not work with the sudo snap command

It should be listed in the Name column of the output of the snap list command

What is the exact error message? Also it would be helpful if we focus on a certain snap that you’ve encountered this problem.

error: snap “snap_name” (whichever) has no plug named “removable-media”

This indicates that the snap doesn’t assert the removable-media interface, you have to contact its maintainer to assert it and push a new build that enables the interface.

Please explain ‘assert the removable-media interface’, you are dealing with a total dullard here

This means that the maintainer(packager) has to enumerate the interface in the build recipe of this particular snap. Unfortunately this isn’t something that can be done by the end user.

Sorry, but I do not understand any of that, can you please explain plain English
Are you saying I need to speak to Western Digital with regard to this, for if so I can see my use of Ubuntu soon coming to an end, as WD are not going to be that interested in linux solutions at this point in time

Nope, you’ll have to speak with the person that publish the particular snap you’re using in order to solve this, the contact information may be available in the Snap Store.

The snap being used was downloaded with Ubuntu 18.04, so does this mean they have included this without thought of the effects on users with NAS drives?
I am starting to feel rather negative if this is the case, as I walked away from Windows because of what I perceived to be a total lack of consideration for the end user