About update and notification behavoiur

I don’t claim to fully understand snap but I am confused about the update notifications and behavoiur.

I am using chromium on an Ubuntu based distro as a kiosk interface which works for the designed purpose. The only issue is that a snap update notification keeps popping up.

As far as I know it can’t be disabled and I have tried to add a snap refresh to a startup script but that seems to have no affect. I read somewhere that if the snap refresh is run before the desktop environment is loaded it fails so I am not sure if that is what is happening.

Ultimately I am wondering why when a snap refresh is run and chromium is running, why cant it download the update and hold onto it and apply it at the next startup or when chromium closes rather than create a notification.

I am planning now to close the browser at about 3 am then run snap refresh then restart the system which hopefully will resolve my issue, I am just curious if there are reasons it is this way.

I believe this behavior, which was set to default on Jammy launch, has been temporarily reverted until further refinement. See here.

Good to know, thanks.