Ability to query the snap store cross-architecture

In order to be able to trigger ubuntu-core image builds in response to an update to the set of snaps on the relevant channel, we would need to be able to query the snap store for cross-architecture information about the revisions on a channel.

$ snap info --arch armhf core
error: unknown flag `arch’

I understand from @mvo that there is currently no way to do this.

You can ask the store directly with sufficient effort e.g.

$ curl --silent -H 'X-Ubuntu-Series: 16' -H 'X-Ubuntu-Architecture: arm64' 'https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/details/core?channel=edge&fields=revision%2cchannel' | jq
  "channel": "edge",
  "package_name": "core",
  "revision": 3432

Yes, I think that is a valid workaround for now. I still think its worthwhile to provide a way via the “snap” command to get that data so that there is only a single implementation that talks to the store. I was thinking something like snap debug querty-store --arch armhf snap-name as the interfaces.

we already had something in the backlog about this: