Show other architectures with snap info

In my quest to use the cli to release revisions of my snaps to stable, I found it quite difficult to script discovering the revision for each architecture in a specific channel in order to promote to another channel. For example:

snapcraft release <snap-name> <revision> <channel>

To query the revision of a snap in the edge channel, I was able to script `snap info ’ and parse the output to get the revision in edge. However, this only finds the revision for my current architecture.

It would be useful to add a --arch arg to snap info to gather the same info for a different architecture.

Of course this could even be further simplified to add the ability to just look up the latest revision in a specific channel and architecture. But It’s easy enough to parse that out of the results of the snap info command.


We’ll need to consider this a bit further, mainly because we don’t generally manipulate information that is for a completely different architecture in the local system. But I can see your use case. Adding to the backlog.

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Was this ever discussed more?

snapcraft status <snapname> covers this now surely?

alan@KinkPad-K450:~$ snapcraft status offlineimap
Track    Arch     Channel    Version    Revision
latest   amd64    stable     v7.2.4     199
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     206
         arm64    stable     v7.2.4     194
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     208
         armhf    stable     v7.2.4     195
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     209
         i386     stable     v7.2.4     200
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     205
         ppc64el  stable     v7.2.4     201
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     207
         s390x    stable     v7.2.4     198
                  candidate  ^          ^
                  beta       ^          ^
                  edge       v7.2.4     204

not here …

$ snapcraft status offlineimap
Snap 'offlineimap' was not found in '16' series.

It does if you own it, which was Ken’s use case.

ah, sorry, missed that part, somehow the wish was father to the thought here … :slight_smile: (i’d really love a snap find --arch armhf foo)

Yeah that’s what I was looking for too :-/

FWIW it’s on my TODO but it’s not prioritised, to get architectures into snap info.


I’d also like this (i realise this is a really old thread)

I’d be happy if revisions were just listed along with versions for architectures on version dropdown

created an upstream issue