2.5 track request for juju

re: juju client snap https://snapcraft.io/juju

We’d like to request a 2.5 track for our upcoming mainline release of Juju. In time we’re looking to close the 2.4 track as the 2.5 hits one or two point releases. This will then allow us to move forward with a 2.6 development in the latest/edge going forward after 2.5 beta1 is tagged.



As per 2.4 track request for Juju,

+1 - Juju releases occur in parallel and users should be able to easily switch between the different major versions.

Hello, I have created this track for juju based on Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence since as a reviewer I’ve verified that the snap has existing tracks and the new request conforms to the previous ones, so I’m able to waive the waiting period and the extra votes needed (you have my reviewer +1 vote as well as Adam’s, so the more the merrier). It can be used now.


  • Daniel

Awesome, thanks everyone.