2.30 release cycle

We branched the release/2.30 branch on github today and the first release candidate of the 2.30 series (2.30~rc1) is available in the beta channel of the core snap now.

The details and the timeline can be found in the snapd roadmap topic. We also started to tag forum topic that we targeted for 2.30

As always, please do let us know if you have specific issues or questions.

(EDIT): The 2.30 release is now released in the stable core snap.

A new 2.30~rc3 was uploaded to the beta channel today. If the testing finds no issues we expect this to hit the candidate channel today.

The 2.30 release of snapd and the core snap is now available in the candidate channel. Please give it a go and let us know if you notice any issues. Especially people using snapcraft (and cleanbuild) or the lxd snap are invited to run candidate to ensure we catch potential issues early.

I have just completed the release of 2.30 into the stable channel. Enjoy and report any issues that you may find.

Since this is an unusual event (for me) I made a small post with the instructions on how this is done so that others can learn and repeat the process at some other time, if necessary: https://new.zygoon.pl/post/core-snap-release-mechanics/