Released: snapd 2.30

Hello everybody,

We are happy to announce that the release of snapd 2.30 is now available in the stable channel for the core snap.

You can discuss this release on the forum page.

See also our roadmap page and the package level changes for core.

Here are some hightlights of the release:

Service control on snapctl (start/stop/etc) (topic)

This feature was requested by many snapcrafters. It allows a snap to control its services from inside a hook. This is very useful to e.g. restart a service in the configure hook when a configuration item has changed.

Add support for socket activation (topic)

Another feature requested by snapcrafters. Some daemons use systemd’s “socket activation” feature, i.e. the daemon is started on demand when a socket is connected to. This is supported now via the new snapcraft.yaml “sockets:” key. See the syntax docs

Pre-refresh hook support (topic)

With the pre-refresh hook we provide a way for a snap to do things before the snap is refreshed. This can be useful for e.g. storing state before a refresh or similar.

Allow to configure core before it is installed

This is a nice tweak. It allows to e.g. set a proxy for snapd even before the core snap is installed.

Run configuration of core internally

We moved the code to configure core from an external script to internal go code. This allows us to do better and earlier error checking and also makes things faster.

Support for Nvidia Vulkan/32-it NVIDIA drivers

We are happy about this one in particular - more support for graphics and games is always great!

and much more …

Complete details are available in the project’s commit history as usual.

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed working on it.

– The snapd team