0ad vs play0ad

What is the difference between these two? Is it necessary to have them and not just one?

My understanding is that 0ad was originally an invalid snap name (I can’t remember whether someone had claimed it or if snaps at that time couldn’t have a name stating with a number), hence the play0ad snap. That problem has been resolved, hence the new 0ad snap. But there’s no simple way to migrate the play0ad users across, so the other snap name is still maintained.

Should not they put play0ad instead of 0ad?

That’s right. When I initially created the snap, “0ad” was not a valid name (for no specific reason, the restriction was later lifted), so I went for “play0ad”. When this was fixed I renamed the snap, but there is no mechanism in place to migrate existing users of one snap to a new name.
Note that the “play0ad” snap still exists, but it’s not actually maintained, so it is strongly advised to uninstall “play0ad” and to install “0ad” instead.

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the 0ad would not have to be deleted or deleted?

Sorry, what do you mean?

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you would not have to discard the snap 0ad to leave only the snap play0ad, or delete one of the two so that there is only one

But then how would people on play0ad (0ad is preferred) be transferred to the 0ad snap?

Yeah that’s the thing, if I delete the play0ad snap people who have it installed won’t be automatically migrated to 0ad. We need to figure out a user-friendly way of migrating people to the new snap, and once the user base for play0ad is sufficiently small, we can consider deleting it.

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Could provide a stable update to throw up a zenity dialog to suggest moving to 0ad, then unpublish the snap after a while.

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Yes, that’s probably what I’ll do, if there’s no better way of achieving this.