Zoom Snap Is A Mess

The Zoom client for snap is ancient. Red warning messages tell you to update it. It does not support virtual desktops. Now, with 23.10 the deb won’t even install due to dependency conflicts. I have other deb packages that will no longer install also. Can whoever is about this please work on it. Flatpak is the only option - not the unusable snap. The flatpak is flawed also. Thank heavens for appimage. Up to date and works like a top. This can’t be pleasing to Ubuntu.

Perhaps a more accurate description would be that zoom (distribution) itself is a mess. I believe the snap and flatpak versions of zoom both re-package the deb that is distributed by the vendor, and both break frequently because of e.g. sandbox and other changes. As you mentioned, the flatpak also has frequent issues (e.g. you can’t schedule meetings because the popup window is simply blank). Without vendor involvement I don’t think the situation will/can improve.

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Also, you could try the latest/edge channel. It always has a build of the most recent deb, but it also breaks more frequently. Last time I tried the zoom-client snap in the edge channel wouldn’t run, so YMMV.

Agreed. Sure would be nice if it was current.