Zoom-Client snap need some attention

Hi! First I’m grateful for the work of packaging Zoom as a snap. Thanks for all the work :heart:

I think that the Zoom-client snap need some atención, there is a bug report that have prevente some users (me included) of using the snap.


Maybe I’m able to bring some attention to this issue

Yes, I’m painfully aware… there’s a long weekend ahead here and I hope to finally get to fix it…


Thanks @ogra! here too there is a long weekend ahead so probably I’m able to help in testing.

I have a modified one, I have listed the details about the problems in an issue. Kindly check that out.

Hello everyone … !

Despite taking a lot longer than anticipated, there is now a new version of zoom-client in the edge channel … i’ll leave it there for a few days before releasing to stable.

it runs fine over here on an intel/wayland test machine as well as on a nvidia backed X11 desktop. if you encounter any problems at runtime please comment here …

nvidia+x11 works fine on my pc.

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Working here as well on AMD+X11. Thanks for the new version, much appreciated!

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nvidia+wayland(most probably wayland in general) is working fine, but the hack to enable screen sharing, doesn’t seem to be working

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under wayland it will only offer you to “pick an area” in the advanced sharing options … that should still work as it did before (you could never actually share windows via wayland)

Thanks for that guide, and yes, it works, atleast I can share the full screen.


I trying to use the Zoom-client snap but when try to share the screen the only option is “pick an area” but this show a black screen and only a small portion of the screen, how did I share the whole screen?, remember that before we can choose to share the whole screen.

Yes, double check with a meeting, can’t share the screen on Ubuntu 23.04, the “pick area” just shows a black screen, I also connected the screen and pulse audio connections and didn’t work. :frowning:

Sadly the wayland screen sharing has always been limited to “pick an area”… for window or screen sharing you need to switch to an xorg session at the login screen…

That you see a black screen is unexpected though… what kind of graphics card is this?

Hi @ogra!

First I’m really thankful of all the work you do for packaging Zoom as a Snap! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using a laptop with AMD Ryzen 4750U PRO with Reinor iGPU

I double check and I can confirm that using the pick area shows a black screen on a meeting

So I was doing some testing.

Zoom DEB package from oficial download page:

  1. Works great on Wayland, I can share the screen and portions of the screen

Zoom-Client snap package:

  1. XOrg session works great I can share the screen, all the desktop, portions of the screen.
  2. Wayland session I only can share a portion of the screen, I remember last year I was able to share the whole screen or a portion in wayland.
  3. Wayland session in AMD Ryzen 7 4750U PRO with Reinor iGPU I can’t share the screen in any way, just a black screen. I’m using Ubuntu 23.04.

The participants only see a black screen.

So I report this as a New Bug