Youtube-dl is no longer available in the Snap Store

C.C. the snap publisher @joedborg

Currently, the youtube-dl snap is no longer available in the Snap Store: Screenshot_20201106_025005

# snap refresh --amend --edge youtube-dl
error: snap "youtube-dl" not found

which seems to be due to the recent DMCA takedown of the upstream project and its forks.

My questions:

  • What causes the actual takedown of the snap? Is it the publisher, the no longer available fork project this snap is based on, or the Store staff decision?
  • What is the @store staffs’ stance on similar cases (i.e. Receiving a DMCA takedown notice on snaps that are not obviously infringing one’s rights)
  • Will the youtube-dl snap be available in the near future?

Thanks in advance!


I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that there was any kind of notice served to Canonical or the publisher.

Anyone who makes their snap private will show as 404, for whatever reason.

I think we’re best to wait for this to all shake down upstream, and then see what comes out of it. Having seen Github CEO Nat Friedman engage with the youtube-dl developers, I personally am somewhat confident this issue with be resolved at some point soon. Fingers crossed!


Your answer is not clear to me.

  • If and when the snap store is served notice (not just for this but any such case in the future), are you obliged to take down a snap?
  • If the discussions go south and YT-dl devs decide to transfer their project to Gitlab or maintain their own repo and continue to maintain snap, will it be available to us?

Note that the snap is currently not maintained by the upstream developers, and as long as the Git repo is publicly accessible it doesn’t matter much whether the repo is hosted on GitLab or GitHub.

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I’m not a lawyer, but speaking as someone who has had to deal with infringing applications.

We have some Terms of Service which I’d recommend reading. I’d recommend reading section 4 and 5 specifically which covers this.

We have had to remove a few applications from the store over the years for various reasons. We would rather not just roll over and remove things, if possible. But if there are genuine legal or moral reasons why we have to, then based in-part on advice from our internal legal department, we may well have to.

I can only think of a handful of occasions where this has happened.


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I think this still applies.

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