Youtube-dl: Incorrect snap version


As the Github pull bot doesn’t support syncing the tags form the upstream repository the snap will always stick on the last release when the pull bot is incorporated. This should be fixed.

$ snap info youtube-dl


  stable:    2018.12.09+git347.495bf63 2019-02-25 (711) 88MB -
  candidate: ↑                                               
  beta:      ↑                                               
  edge:      2018.12.09+git403.6e93ef5 2019-03-10 (811) 88MB -

The official release version string can be acquired from youtube_dl/, the generation of the proper commit depth since release is rather complicated, though.


@joedborg ^ Maybe you could update the store description too, linking to an issue tracker where issues like this can be filed?


I’m making a patch to (partially) solve this problem right now.


Hey @Lin-Buo-Ren, thanks for raising this, if you do have a patch, that’d be awesome.

@popey, I’ve added the GitHub page in the contact field, is this the standard practice?


The issue tracker can be enabled:

Though I guess setting the contact URL directly to the forum also works as you can be contacted here.


Yeah, I enabled it right after I put the comment in :slight_smile:


Fixed now. :slight_smile: