You need 'multipass' set-up to build snaps:

Snapcraft on macOS regressed and is no longer working showing an error: “You need ‘multipass’ set-up to build snaps:” Installing mulitpass requires permission to run background tasks.

Is there a way to run snapcraft on macOS without this limitation or is the recommended alternative to deprecate Snap support?

I’m not familiar with multipass on MacOS but @townsend can tell us what to do.

What has changed in Snapcraft on macOS that now says this? I was under the impression Snapcraft on macOS always required Multipass to work. Is this true?

Also, yes, Multipass has a background process that runs and always has from day one. I’m not sure why this is a problem now.

Yes, Multipass was always a requirement on mac. I don’t think we changed anything on the Snapcraft side, let’s check with @mr_cal.

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I agree with @cmatsuoka - Multipass was always a requirement for MacOS.

Last year, there was some minor internal refactoring to support the snap configuration snap set snapcraft provider=<provider>, but the Multipass+MacOS requirement should be unchanged.

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Ok, based on the feedback of @cmatsuoka and @mr_cal, I’m not sure what the regression is here. Multipass has always been required to build snaps on macOS and Multipass has always had a background service running on macOS (and Linux & WIndows for that matter). I don’t think there a reason to deprecate anything here.

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