Yes, snaps are cross-distribution!

Hello all,

Today we’re already showing in the snap’s public page some relative data for which country snaps are most used in, and we’ll soon find a good way to display in which Linux distributions snaps are being used in, again by displaying relative data that preserves the right of the publisher to display their actual numbers. The data is based on usage, observed from the updates attempted, so not new installs.

As an example of the kind of data we want to present, here is the relative distribution for Spotify. You can soon expect something similar (but not the same, depends on the design team still) to be presented for your own snaps.

Besides being interesting in general, that information also proves what we’ve been saying for a while, and that you here already know: snaps work rather well across Linux distributions.


I’ve deleted my comments because they were inappropriately negative to what is a very good news story.

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Thanks, and yes you can trust the information to reflect reality. This will soon be available for every snap, so you’ll be able to do your own tests.


That’s a worrying number of people still on 17.04! Though I guess it’s good they’re getting some updated applications there :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s actually the general lifecycle of Linux distributions, and perhaps of software in general. It takes a while before people can find the necessary time and desire to move forward. Even 14.04 is still there, which is rather pleasing to see from our end: it’s quite something to have 14.04, 16.04, and 18.04, three very different Long Term Support releases across 4 years, using the exact same package.