Yad: command not found

Our snap, antstream-arcade, is no longer working, when I launch the app in the prompt all that happens is that the terminal is spammed with the following lines:

Testing for ALSA permissions...
/snap/antstream-arcade/x1/snap/command-chain/alsa-launch: line 28: yad: command not found

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


This is due to a change in my snapcraft-alsa part. I’ve added a requirement for the yad command to allow it to prompt the user to choose between using pulse audio or connecting the also interface.

Thanks, I understand. What is the proper way to fix it? Sorry if it’s a basic question, I don’t have much knowledge about making snaps.

Add a stage-package for yad to the alsa part:

      - yad

Thank you very much, it’s working now.