Yaba Sanshiro - Epsxe

Hi folks,

i cant map controllers in Yaba Shanshiro and Epsxe, installed both from snap store. I have also intalled Retroarch from snap store and controllers working with no problem. I have 2 controller xbox 360 and ps2 with usb adpater. Yaba and Epsxe detect the controller but none of the buttons can be mapped. I searched a lot on the net but still cant find a fix, anyone any ideas?


Ubuntu 18.04
Epsxe 2.0.5
Yaba Sanshiro 2.12.0

I have found the solution for epsxe : sudo snap connect epsxe:joystick
The controllers working for epsxe now.

I tried to use sudo snap connect yabasanshiro:joystick but get this error:

error: snap “yabasanshiro” has no plug named “joystick”

Anyone know the right command?