Xonotic << STILL NOT UPDATED, a Snapcrafters snap >>

It has been a very long time to this release to start with and it is pending even further…


Actually, it is. 0.8.5 is in the edge channel. Feel free to test and report back, then snapcrafters can publish to the stable channel.

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Ok, nice! But as far as i know, the edge stuff is not to be found from Ubuntu Software via searching.

The new comers mainly use that to install software and currently the available one that way is pretty old. But yeah, great that it’s in the works and eventually stable (and then to be found searching the store) :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re wrong. snaps in edge channels do show up in searches and can be installed. Someone from snapcrafters should probably test this build and push it to stable though.


0.8.5 runs fine over here on an nvidia based desktop as well as on an intel based laptop … would someone from @snapcrafters release it to stable or do we need more testing (i.e. i dont have AMD hardware)

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It should be just done then, your testing sure is adequate. Little things can also be fixed later, right.

I’ve just checked via X11 and wayland on my Radeon RX 6600xt and it works fine - I’m not a gamer so I can’t test beyond a quick smoke check…

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