Xonotic arm64

Could Snapcrafters please help publish Xonotic for arm64?

The snap is now building an arm64 variant which will be available in the edge channel shortly.

Thank you for looking into this Lucy.

It doesn’t look like publication went through. Was there an issue with the build?

There was an issue with the build, yes. I need to figure out what’s up, but something caused it to fail to fetch all the source files it needs. It looks like it failed to pull the files for the xonotic-data “part”.

Thank you for testing https://github.com/snapcrafters/xonotic/pull/18 !

Is there anything I can do to help with publication? I rebuilt and installed xonotic directly from the main snapcrafters branch on a M2 arm with no issue. Does the build consistently fail on xonotic-data? Odd if that part is arch specific.

It looks like it was a transient issue with the Snapcraft.io build service. I have triggered another build which has now completed successfully. The ARM64 build is now available for testing in the edge channel. Can you test it to confirm if it works and report back so I can promote to stable with some confidence?

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Thank you Lucy \o/

The build on --edge installs and plays multiplayer well :grin:

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Thank you. I’ve promoted it to stable now <3

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