Xibo Digital Signage Player - early alpha

Hi all,

We’ve released an early alpha (0.4-alpha) of our digital signage player for Ubuntu - announcement here.

Our project had a Linux Player several years ago which we unfortunately had to discontinue - but we’re really excited to be bringing it back. Its a full rewrite and we’re slowly releasing functionality in a series of alpha’s. These releases are focusing on the more complicated stuff first - namely rendering a mixture of images, video and html - and will then work towards full feature parity with our other signage players.

We appreciate that testing does require a bit of buy in as you need to be running a Xibo CMS - we will try and make it easier to test in future releases.

We’re distributing via snap and happy to take any feedback, comments, etc. I’ll keep this topic up to date with any updates we make.


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A quick update from us.

We’ve recently release 0.5.1-alpha - announcement here.

0.6-alpha is well on the way too and I will update here again when that is available.