XFCE with chromium

HI Team,

I spoke with Oliver the place holder for the chromium snap.

I had to use an old 32 bit workstation at work single core intel with 1GB Ram 160GB hard disk.
I installed ubuntu server 16.04.03 32 bit and did the updates.
The reason for the machine is x2go and VNC server with xfce
The xfce version is stock xfce4.4 nothing fancy. (Bare Bones) via a digital ocean article.

I installed the snap. It’s status is fine.
I can’t get it to open. No menu entry.
HTOP, Nano, uget, and netsurf all got menu entries.
From the command line I have not been able to get it to open.

I have not found a way to open chromium yet.



The desktop files are going to be in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications. You may need to adjust your XDG_DATA_DIRS to contain /var/lib/snapd/desktop.

x2go is “ssh -X <appname>” on steroids so i guess it has something to do with:

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