X11 based "kiosk" snaps and the X11 interface


As described in Make a X11-based Kiosk Snap, when developing “kiosk” snaps based on X11 applications we need to include Xwayland in the snap to act as a translator from X11 to Wayland protocols. All this happens inside the snap.

Historically, to make this work, we’ve described the snap registering both an X11 slot and an X11 plug and connecting these.


This approach has a number of issues.

The first problem a developer will likely encounter is that the slot permissions are not installed on classic. That makes testing on desktop, or use on “classic” systems problematic.

The second inconvenience is that using the X11 slot means that the snap requires requires a manual review when pushed to the store.


Using the network-bind plug instead of X11 plug and slot avoids both these issues.