Wy multipass has hight disk usage

Before starting my snap build, I see 16Gb of free storage on my root ssd storage, after a 3 builds, just 35kb has left, my system just crash. To restore , just removed multipass (with “–purge” option, using rescue boot mode). And, now, after another build, I see 3,7Gb free, It is expected behavior? Thanks.

Snapcraft’s Multipass backend defaults to creating VMs with 256GB of storage. The VM won’t generally take up that much space on the host system though, as blocks that have not yet been written to don’t need to be stored. It does mean that the VM’s storage will be the high water mark of the build, and not necessarily go down if files are deleted inside the VM. How much storage is used will heavily depend on the snaps you try to build.

If your disk space is particularly constrained, you might have better luck with Snapcraft’s LXD backend. As it is based on containers rather than VMs, there’s no disk space penalty storing blocks corresponding to deleted files.


Hi, @jamesh, thanks for the tip, now, my multiple builds, drains only 4gb of my disk.