WPS Office shows "unset" license

There’s no way to know about the WPS Office’s license from snapcraft store, it shows “unset” instead of proprietary. I think this should not be allowed.

Hi there, unset is shown because the publisher has not set any licence at all, the best approach here is to reach out to the publisher and ask them to set the license they expect.


Yes, but I’m pretty surprised this was allowed on snapcraft, that is the question.

We default to “unset” because we don’t know what license the developer wants to publish under, and it’s best not to assume the license. In the past we defaulted to a particular entry, which if the developer didn’t notice, was misleading. As Sergio suggested, contact the publisher to get them to clarify.

On the subject of what the store should enforce, if you believe it’s a bug in the store, perhaps file it at https://github.com/canonical-web-and-design/snapcraft.io/issues (linked from the bottom of the store page you screenshotted).

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Thank you. It’s not a bug, it’s just strange behavior not to require a developer’s license to publish to snapcraft. WPS Office is a proprietary software that hides its license, and snapcraft allows it to be published.

I filed an issue, thanks.

OK, it’s not a bug. The problem is right here and it’s what I am trying to talk about. This optional metadata.

I am reading this thread - Snap license metadata

Thank you.