Wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk not ignoring TLS

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to snap applications and functions, but reasonably up on Linux deployments.

We have some projectors we want to create a touch panel control for that use self-signed certificates.

I’ve got ubuntu-frame and wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk running on Ubuntu Core and confirmed it can access https URLs from the internet. What it isn’t doing is allowing us to view the webpages from the projectors. I’ve set the ignore-tls-errors flag to true but it still won’t allow us in.

Does anyone have any ideas what we can try next?

Thanks in advance


snap get wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk
Key Value
bg-color black
daemon true
debug false
devmode false
error-to-console false
ignore-tls-errors true
inspector-http-server-port 8090
inspector-server-port 8080