WPE WebKit Cog isn't working: "Could not open EGL display"

Hello. I’m trying to run WPE WebKit on Ubuntu using VMware, but I’m receiving the following error message:

➜  flatpak run org.wpe.Cog -P fdo http://www.example.com

(cog:2): GLib-CRITICAL **: 09:34:38.938: g_source_destroy: assertion 'source != NULL' failed

** (cog:2): WARNING **: 09:34:38.939: Platform setup failed: Could not open EGL display (0x3000)

** (cog:2): CRITICAL **: 09:34:38.939: WebKitWebViewBackend* webkit_web_view_backend_new(wpe_view_backend*, GDestroyNotify, gpointer): assertion 'backend' failed

** (cog:2): ERROR **: 09:34:38.939: Could not instantiate any WPE backend.

I’m running Wayland:

➜ pwd              
➜ ls | grep wayland

And I installed Weston.

But it isn’t working yet. How can I solve this problem?