Would someone create an electron snap for this forum?

@jdstrand Curiously, per my note above, I got mmap errors on Xenial still. Any ideas?

@niemeyer do you use a 4.4 kernel or one of the hwe ones ?

@niemeyer - it depends on the kernel you are running. The patchset in question is one of the ones that was in play during the kernel/snapd/dpkg issue.

Ah, yes, that’s like it: 4.4.0-67-generic

FYI, https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3165

I thought for Electron apps to work using electron-builder we needed yarn support in Snapcraft?

i worked on the code a little more on the weekend (will provide PRs ASAP) …
i fixed all the icon and dash issues (the app icon now is found properly and also allows to pin it to the launchers (at least in gnome (x11) and unity under 16.04).
all xdg-open issues should be fixed with this one (as long as you have xdg-open installed).
i also added a tray icon and added “minimize to tray” so that the app can stay around minimized and recieve desktop notifications. sadly it suffers the same icon issue as the telegram-sergiuens app under unity regarding the icon display of the tray icon (works fine in gnome), seems the rocketchat one has a working one so i’ll try to get that fixed in the next iteration …

i’ll also try to add a notification counter to the tray icon and add spell checking support for the input … once these two are there i’ll stop :wink:

a test snap can be found at: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snaps/snapcraft-forum_1.1.2_amd64.snap

install it with “sudo snap install --dangerous /path/to/snap” if you want to test it.